Aakshya Education

Aakshya Education Private Limited

In our pursuit of excellence we have ventured into the field of education as well. With Aakshya Education Private Limited we embarked on this journey to create a learning environment that nurtures young minds by taking a holistic approach towards education.

Our institute is strategically located in Kolkata, the city of joy that celebrates heritage while simultaneously welcoming new trends. The city is steeped in rich culture and it presented us with the ideal environment to turn our passion of enlightening young minds into a reality.

We strongly believe that the concept of education should not be limited to enabling our young generation to earning a degree for the sole purpose of career building; it should nourish their soul, should contribute to developing their abilities, and motivate them to pursue their curiosities.

The school is spread over an area of 4 acres. Being driven by our vision to transcend the mere boundaries of institutionalizing education, we have built a dynamic learning platform that promotes the dipsites pedagogy system initiated by Delhi Public School Alumni consisting of renowned luminaries. We follow CBSE curriculum here.

The young generation is encouraged to partake in diverse activities along with pursuing academics they receive here. The students are nurtured with care to inculcate values, compassion, equity, cooperation.

We have incorporated learning modules that motivate the students to engage in social service, animal welfare, as well as environmental protection. The teaching is further aided by state-of-the-art learning tools, and trained teachers who are encouraged to upgrade their knowledge by doing further research on the pedagogic systems.

A string of creative courses are incorporated with the aim of enabling students to reach the zenith of their potential. By encouraging an all-round development we are committed to empowering the new generation of future leaders who will be steering the nation forward.